Payment Pocedures

The studio is financially self-supporting through fees collected from parents of each child enrolled.


  1. 8-class Packages from all parents are due in advance on the 1st day of the month your child attends studio.

  2. 8-class Packages payments are considered late and an account will be assessed a late Payment of Tuition Fee of $10.00 per family if payment is made after Friday at 8:00pm.

  3. An account is considered past due if not paid on 1st Friday of the month if there is a balance due. The total balance due must be paid within the following three days (by Wednesday) or child may not return to the program on the fourth day (Thursday) after the account becomes past due.

  4. Payments should be made via website or Chase QuickPay.

  5. The full 8-class Packages fee is due regardless of a child’s attendance, holidays during the month rehearsal/performance schedule or child’s start date.


Activity Fees


If a parent elects to enroll a child in an extra enrichment activity (field trip, on-site activity, etc), the parent will be responsible for any cost incurred by the Lyudmila Schaible Children's Theater for the extra activity. Advance notice of the date and cost of the activity will be given. All activity fees are non-refundable.


Late Payment of Tuition Fee


A fee of $10.00 per family will be added automatically when tuition payment are made after Friday (or the last of the week that child regularly attends) at 8:00pm for the upcoming week unless the child is absent due to illness on that day. A parent who arranges for alternative pickup on a last day of the week is still responsible for ensuring that payment is made according to Lyudmila Shaible Children’s Theater payment policy to avoid being charged this fee.

Non Refundable session registration fee collected at the begging of each session



 $150.00 INCLUDES Costume rentals and

Announcement pictures (afisha)

Announcement copy after the final performance

Microphones rental


Non Refundable one time registration

$50.00 includes parent portal registration.


Per week for "Tween" group- children age 8-14


8-class Packages (1st child)       $275.00 


8-class Packages (2nd child)      $220.00 


8-class Packages (3rd child)       $192.50 



Per week for "Junior" group- children age 5.5-8



8-class Packages (1st child)        $265.00 

8-class Packages (2nd child)       $212.00 


8-class Packages (3rd child)        $185.50 



Per week for "Beginners" group- children age 3.5-5.5


8-class Packages (1st child)        $250.00


8-class Packages (2nd child)      $200.00 


8-class Packages (3rd child)       $175.00 



Teacher Workday Fee for attending additional time for individual practice


$10.00 per child includes at least 30 individual one on one class.


Additional fees may be charges for the following:

  1. Photos individually requested by parents

  2. Additional alterations to your child costume

  3. Additional classes requested by a parent or director

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