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Our theater usually premiers performances twice a year. December/January is our winter session performances and usually we have 3 separate groups performing. Our summer session performance shows are May/June, most of the time we do at least one performance on Mother’s Day special show for our Mothers who are huge part of our back up team.

Past shows

Some of our shows include: Thumbelina, Snow Queen, Pinnochio, Puss in the Boots, Cinderella, Peter Pan, Nutcracker, Morozko just to list a few we had done over 14 years of our existence.


Currently our beginners groups are rehearsing Thumbelina and our Juniors and Tween group are combining into one grand premier of Pinocchio.


We have signed up with Jackrabbit software to help our parents and teachers to stay connected online. You can register online and our technical support team will register you for classes. Full description of classes by age categories is described under class page.


In order to help and develop each child we had created separate age groups and classes for each individual group. We have qualified and trained teachers and assistants based on the age group and skill level.

Beginner’s classes start at 3. 5years old thru 5.5 years old

Junior Group classes start at 5.5 years old thru 8 years old

Tween Group classes stat at 8 years old thru 13 years old.

All of our student will be introduced and will be able to improve their skills in following areas of expertise taught by a talented professional directors, choreographers, speech instructors etc.

Theatrical etiquette

Acting skills

Individual classes

Staging performances

Pop choreography

Contemporary dance

Theatrical dance and stage movement

Flexibility training

Scene speech and memory games

Vocal exercises

Breath exercises

Work on diction and proper pronunciation

Work with microphones

Payment procedures

Our payment policy will include 8-class fee, which will include acting skills, vocal classes, choreography, dress rehearsals and final performances.


All of our facilities are available for rent hourly, weekly or daily. We had recently remodeled our dance studio and are planning on re-freshen our theatrical hall. Stop by and see our facilities.


Our theatrical hall is fully equipped with lights, musical instrument, backstage area, chairs, and portable speaker. Theater holds up to 70 people seated, for an auditorium style event (with seats in rows) it is available for rent for your private, social or corporate event


Our studio is equipped with two full walls of mirrors, musical instrument, big screen TV with build in DVD player, portable speaker etc. Our studio seats 15, and is perfect for a small presentation, rehearsal and private dance class, Sumba classes or lectures.


We have over a hundred costumes for kids in stock in various sizes. Most of those pieces were individually designed and created by our on staff tailors and designers. All of our pieces are provided cleaned and pressed in plastic bags.

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