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Private Vocal Lessons

By head of the theater - Lyudmila Schaible. 

Certified Specialist. Director. Actress. Opera singer. Teacher.

Worked in Odessa operetta! (Vocal teacher-People's Artist of the USSR-E. M. Dembskaya.)

She worked in Odessa, children's and musical theatre. Director and teacher of acting skills.

In 1989 she created her own children's theatre in Odessa.

In May 1996 the performance of "Crystal Shoe" won all contests and won the first place in Ukraine!

In June 1996, our theatre was recognized as the best children's Theatre in the country!

One of the most famous students-honored artist of Russia-Nona Grishaeva!

In 2005, Chicago created the "Lyudmila Schaible Children's Theater". 

For last 14 years she has produced and directed more than 300 performances.

In 2015 at the Children's Festival in Washington, our theater was recognized as the best children's Russian-language theater in America!

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