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Creative Selection

Any audition or exam is always disturbing and unpleasant. Having succumbed to the excitement, children often do not show all their talents on castings and undeservedly find themselves aloof.
Anyone can become a student at our theater. Aspiration and love for creativity, is the main and the only criteria of selection for us. The main goal of the training is the versatile aesthetic and personal development of the child, not his professional career in show business. Our teachers own unique methods that allow to awaken "sleeping" creative abilities, sometimes not noticed even by parents. The main thing is that the child learns to understand and express themselves freely, and with the presence of talent and luck, there is always an opportunity for further professional growth.
In addition to acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge in the classroom, each child gets a unique opportunity to play a role in this performance, created by educators and go on a professional stage.

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Creative Selection
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Our theater is created to help each student develop and apply his or her creative potential. You can choose the most suitable direction for your child.

Our program includes all the training and lessons required for your child to feel comfortable to get on the stage for the final performance. Rehearsals are combination of all the classes including physical and vocal warm ups, working on individual skits, choreography and acting skills.

We usually divide children in age group and different areas of training.

Our Theater

We are One of the first Russian Speaking and Russian play-based theater for Children and Adults in Chicago land area. We provide variety of drama and theatrical classes, voice training, costume rentals, space rentals. Since 2005 we had produced and premiered more than 40 different plays with over 300 performances - we premier at least 6 new performances each year.

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